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AADB Conflict of Interest Statement

Last Updated: May 6, 2009

No Board member shall use his or her position, or the knowledge gained there from, in such a manner that a conflict between the interest of the American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB) or any of its affiliates and his or her personal interest arises.

Each Board member has a duty to place the interest of the AADB foremost in any dealings with the organization and has a continuing responsibility to comply with the requirements of this policy.

The conduct of personal business between any Board or committee member and the AADB and any of its affiliates is prohibited.

Board or committee members may not obtain for themselves, their relatives, or their friends a material interest of any kind from their association with the AADB.

If a Board member has an interest in a proposed transaction with the AADB in the form of any personal financial interest in the transaction with the outside organization involved in the transaction, or holds a position as a trustee, director, or officer in any such an outside organization, he or she must make full disclosure of such interest before any discussion or negotiation of such transaction occurs.

Any Board or committee member who is aware of a potential conflict of interest with respect to any matter coming before the board or committee shall not be present for any discussion or vote in connection with the matter.

Note: Each board member are required to sign a form, stating that he or she agreed to abide to this policy.

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