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AADB Open Board Room - (AOBR)

Friday, January 31, 2014


Open an AADB Board of Directors discussion room, formerly referred to as OBDG and now known as AOBR, online for AADB membership and the public to observe the AADB Board of Directors' performance and decision-making on issues that affect deaf-blind people of America.


For reasons of making AADB a more transparent and accountable organization the AADB Board of Directors has approved the opening of a board discussion room online. This approval will allow interested individuals from both the AADB membership and the general public the opportunity to observe the board performing business functions on issues that pertain to people who are deaf-blind.

This open board room will be open to interested persons to observe and monitor the board's collaborative decision-making. However, active participation will not be allowed in the AOBR.


  • Allows AADB members to see who voted on certain issues that are important to them and which helps members become informed voters when it comes time for board and officer elections.
  • Engages members and the public to discuss any issue or action the board concludes or takes on AADB-L, Facebook, and other social media. This, in turn, will give the AADB Board of Directors an idea of members’ wishes and thoughts before they cast a vote on a given motion.
  • Encourages more people to engage in other AADB activities in an open and friendly environment.
  • Helps train AADB members to be potential AADB leaders in the future by enabling them to observe how board business is conducted.
  • Promotes better transparency and accountability in the organization.
  • Fosters relationship building with members, supporters, and donors.


  • The AADB Board shall set up the AOBR on a group hosting site, preferable Google Groups.
  • The AADB Board shall appoint a Moderator to monitor the AOBR.
  • The AADB Board shall work with the moderator to develop guidelines for the room.
  • The moderator retains the right to do what is necessary with someone not following the guidelines

Board of Directors' Privileges:

The AADB Board of Directors shall:

  • Retain board privileges that declare executive sessions to discuss sensitive matters in private. Such sensitive matters are:
    • Contract negotiations - Applies to any form of monetary contract.
    • Grievances - Applies to all forms of grievances.
    • Legal issues - Applies to serious legal actions.
    • Appointments and resignations - Applies to situations concerning appointments and resignations.
  • It is to be alerted and forewarned to all participants that being fully prepared and informed of any AOBR conversations shall be carefully shared in the use of other media to ensure that accuracy of any accounts of discussions made in the AOBR shall not endanger the integrity of AADB.

Other Policies

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