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SSP's Are So Important

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

by Andy Stender

I am deaf-blind. I can only see dim and blurry light from the sun. The world is nearly black to me. I want to explain why I need SSP' services.

SSP's are so important . They help me go shopping for clothes and groceries. They take me to doctor appointments and to banks. SSP's give me support so I can participate in recreational activities. They also read mail to me and help me fill out forms. They even assist me with my income taxes and insurance problems.

Deaf-blind people without SSP's are neglected. They could lose their homes. Maybe they will have trouble finding food. Imagine a hungry deaf-blind person in an empty kitchen. They can't go out and get food. They can't drive. What are they supposed to do? Who will help them?

Lack of transportation really makes life hard for people who are deaf-blind. Transit services are limited and have busy schedules. The drivers don't understand how to deal with deaf-blind people. Sometimes bad things happen - like the driver takes a deaf-blind person somewhere but forgets to pick them up later. It makes me feel afraid.

Some deaf-blind people are very lonely. They sit at home alone all the time. They are very bored. SSP's can help take them to socials, events and deaf-blind camp. Deaf-blind people should be allowed to have fun and meet other people.

It is sad when deaf-blind people are left at home with nothing to do. But SSP's can help so much. With SSP's, deaf-blind people can do many things. Then we will all be happy.

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Reduce the Isolation

Enable Support Service Providers (SSPs) to be the eyes and ears of deaf-blind people.

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